The Power of Naivety

We always have a hunger for creativity. The original idea, the innovative trend, the outstanding selling point. Somehow creativity is the hardest thing to accomplish. The problem with being creative lies in being stuck in patterns and thinking frames. To be inventive, original and to come up with things that are of ingenious design somehow end up being more of a wish than a reality. Our endeavors come to a halt, since we seem to be without inspiration and without the posession to create. The problem is not our technique or strategy. It lies deeper. It exists in the nature of our behavior: we are not naive enough.

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Creativity requires openness to receive. Naivety forms the quintessence of this attitude. It enables a receptive state. In this state it will be effortless to receive inspiration or to connect ideas.
In order for naivety to operate effectively, it needs two things: a strong intuition and the mind on a leash. The naive attitude will make sure inspiration will be received through imagination and playfulness. Creation is the consequence.

The Power of Naivety learns about the effortless of creativity. Naivety – often seen as a shortcoming – is a state that not only makes creativity possible, but offers an attitude closer to you, where joy and appreciation is the outcome. A naive approach can not only boost your creativity, it will refine your view on life.

The book digs in on naivety. It shows the 7 degrees of naivety. Also the attitude and subjects like beauty, imagination, belief and the essential intuition are being described. The easy accessible book covers theme’s as “playing”, “the mind” and “anxieties” in an easy and delicate way. The document ends with a clear focus on the applied naivety – how to be naive.

The Power of Naivety is a valuable tool for creatives, organizations, management and in personal life.

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Ferdy Karto is a writer, performer and a creativity lecturer. He performs with improvisation & music and is a content writer for high-end brands, travel and health. As a published fiction writer he is specialized in short stories and novels. As a creativity ace he is praised for his imagination and view on interaction, stories and social dynamics.